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    Post  Israf3l on Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:47 pm

    I am |sraf3l, a new member.
    First off, my name is pronounced israfel (name of an archangel) for all who call me sra (lol)

    I have been in many clans in the past, and have been playing ET for about 2 yrs in all. Among the clans I have been in are:
    G!X<----back when they werent nuubes >.<, SoF, ESC, M$G, B$U, AtK, e0, UAF, No1, TS, SwS, MOD, and many others I cant recall right now. I have played the part of Owner, Leader, Co-Leader, Recruiter, and pretty much every other position imaginable, so if your wondering if im able to handle leadership, I can.

    I have some skills in computer security, so if you want any help in that area, just ask me. I am also interested in the realm of quantum physics, so if anyone want to strike up a discussion on the subject, ill be glad to debate.

    Im good at field ops, covert ops, and medic, decent at soldier if im playing NQ, and I really kick ass as a sniper.

    my xfire is archslay

    questions? post them here!

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    Post  Ex!le on Fri Apr 25, 2008 12:44 pm

    Im really good in computer stuff as a webmaster too and a lot of different stuff Very Happy nice to see you arround !

    cheers ! Xplo!t Aka N@vySe@l

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