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    Cup Empty Cup

    Post  InsAne on Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:28 am

    Hello, I want you say seomthing. Me & friends of me, we organise a cup for Jaymod, ETPub & NoQuarter clans, we are generally considered as an inferior players but that is not this way & for this reason because they think that we the inferior players is, they organise never cups for really specific Jaymod, ETPub & NoQuarter clans. For this reason we have taken the initiative to start a cup himself on for Jaymod, ETPub & NoQuarter clans. So .. as you want take part in with the cup are able your you for free register in our cup, it is ordinary Funcup where we can pleasure. Here can you register themselves - > www.insane-tourney.tk
    success still with your clan !

    GrtzZ insAne

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