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    Post  king.Doom on Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:53 pm

    Heres a little tutorial for all of you who do not know how to bind or use shortcuts... or just know, but dont really have anything else to do except bind stuff and annoy ppl! ;]

    If you want to bind a key to say something over and over do this...

    BTW...the [key] is the symbol to push when it says it, dont actually type [key]...just push a key on your keyboard.

    /bind [key] say How are you today?

    exampe : /bind 1 say How are you today?
    (you have to put the word say)

    It will just say the "how are you today" part.

    If you want it to have a vchat sound do this...

    /bind [key] vsay cheer YOU JUST GOT OWNED

    This will make it vsay cheer(aka v57) then say You just got owned.

    theres many more...such as /bind [key] hi Hey Guys!!!

    and it will say Hello vchat.

    Now...if you want to add names and information to the vchats or sayings just do this...

    /bind [key] vsay cheer You just got owned [k]

    that will translate into...v57 You just got owned (name of the person)....in this case..when you specify a certain thing...you must put the [] brackets around the letter

    Here are all of the shortcuts for different names and such

    [a] - the last teammate who gave you ammo
    [d] - the last player who killed you
    [h] - the last teammate who gave you health
    [k] - the last player who you killed
    [l] - your location
    [p] - the teammate you are pointing at
    [r] - the last player who revived you
    [n] - your name
    [s] - the amount of health you have
    [w] - the weapon you are holding

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